I paint with many mediums but mostly in acrylic on canvas or panel, sometimes incorporating mixed media pieces such as Japanese paper, found vintage labels, photos and other sentimental ephemera. I paint over these things in many layers letting somethings show through, creating a little mystery here and there. I have participated in many solo and group shows in the Northwest and New York City. My work has been a part of private collections across the United States, Canada, Australia, South America, Germany, Denmark and Japan. I have also been published in several books including Kaleidoscope by Suzanne Simanaitis and Look up Here- Five Years of NW Urban and Contemporary Art by John and Michelle Osgood. My husband and I are both Seattle natives and we currently live in Seattle with our 2 kids, cat, dog and several fish.

My first creative passion was sewing with my mother. She taught me that making something beautiful out of scraps of fabric and other material is very satisfying, something to show for time spent. The shapes of hand made patterns and textures of the fabrics gave me the desire to learn how to create my own images on canvas. As I got older I was obsessed with creating something, anything. When I was in college and working 2 or 3 minimum wage jobs I spent my extra money on art supplies or fabrics and whatever it was I was captivated by at that moment. Painting came along when I became a stay at home mom, I wanted to learn something new for all of that spare time I erroneously thought I would have.

In my Sea series, Octopi are something that I am exploring. They are mysterious and mischievous, known to be playful shapeshifting tricksters. The ability to change color and shape to blend into their surroundings I find fascinating and I love to play with the color, texture and strange beauty of these creatures in my paintings.

In my Earth and Sky series my paintings are very intuitive, just like the octopi. I have been exploring the shapes of flowers, trees and birds in bold and unexpected shapes and colors that remind me of whimsical daydreams. With these magnolias and other trees and flowers I paint many birds. I adore song birds. I don’t care what my mood is, watching them outside my kitchen window always makes me smile.

Instagram: @debbieraebianchi
Facebook: @bianchiarts
[email protected]
photo by Arica Sykes-Dawley